Many people have talked to or interviewed friends of Evans, co-workers, colleagures, or professionals in people-finding. Or even Evan himself.

Some of these people don't wish to be identified, some don't mind.

As much relavant information as can be shared is included below. Please update this page if you have anything you have gleaned in your attempt to track Evan.

Advice from Robert Kowalkowski a PI interviewed by Evan for his original article

"Be prepared to use your frequent flyer miles, although much of the initial work can be conducted from your computer or on the telephone, you rarely find an active runner while sitting comfortably in your home, as in any investigation of this type, it will require face to face interviews and knocking on doors, and most importantly, acting fast on newly discovered leads.
Just remember that Evan did not disappear without knowing what he was getting himself into, he planned for his escape months in advance and in preparation he talked to several professional investigators thatare experts in locating people as well as criminals that"disappeared" finding out what works and doesn't work when your trying to hide out."

Misc. information gleaned from friends of Evan:

Evan moved to NYC this summer - confirmed by Nick Thompson.

Evan keeps in touch with highschool friends.

Evan needs his morning coffee and is likely to stay in a place near good coffee. He also loves to read a paper copy of the New York Times every morning.

Evan is a fan of Alabama Crimson Tide football as well as a fan of Georgia Tech football.

Advice from Philip R. Klein another PI interviewed by Evan for his original article

"I will give you a hint - go where many are comfortable and can blend in."

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